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Darren recently provided services to HSBC UK in relation to increasing awareness and changing perceptions of Dyslexia & other similar learning differences. He provided and continue to provide guidance on documentation and our current processes whilst supporting internal events across our 40,000 strong UK workforce. I (Elliott Morrison, Business Performance Manager, HSBC UK) strongly recommends services and look forward to continue working with Darren


Bhavna Kawa

Consultant' Linguaphile Skills Hub

Darren is a fantastic individual to work with, I met Darren through LinkedIn networking, whilst he introduced me to his fantastic contacts. A very hard working, ambitious, enthusiastic business leader of the dyslexic world. Darren creates and organises some of the most fantastic events, to build a global dyslexic community. He is a very friendly, polite and professional individual with a vast amount of knowledge, skills and experience, showing you what can be achieved through hard graft and work. Darren you are a true inspiration to all, and your work is exceptionally glowing. I looking forward to working with you again in the near future. Keep going, you are doing great!!


Jordan Harry

Producer of The Places We'll Go Show | TEDx (2M Views)

I have only seen a snapshot of Darren’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Yet, when I first heard Darren talk not only did he inspire me to pursue a speaking career, but he also showed me that there is never the right time to pursue your entrepreneurial goals- start now! It is clear from Darren’s engaging keynote talks, business success and daily vlogs that he has a real passion for business. As a result, we booked Darren for our Bath Entrepreneurs event where he delivered a memorable keynote to students, founders and budding entrepreneurs which is still being talked about today!


Elizabeth Takyi

(BA Hons PGgcert)

Founder & CEO A2i Dyslexia CIC

What a pleasure working with Darren Clark as our host for Successful Dyslexic Entrepreneurs 2019. Darren Clark was awesome, he was so engaging with the audience, his dyslexic Journey resonates with the audience. Darren Clark dyslexic Journey to success is immeasurable we felt so honoured to have had such amazing host. keep up the good work Darren keep inspiring many dyslexics to unlock their full potential..


Michelle Mills-Porter The People Reader 🌈


Unleashing People Potential! Values, Motivation, Collaboration and Performance + Keynote Speaker and virtual presenter

It's such a pleasure to write the recommendation. Darren is everything that his profile says and I'm thrilled to stick one in the eye for all the people in business who think you need to be sharp, hard and fast. Darren might be sharp minded, (and very early to rise) but he's always so lovely to deal with. I've always said that business is about people and the reason that Darren is so successful is his attention to relationships, whether that is colleagues, clients or suppliers. I once heard that you can tell a man by the company he keeps and you can tell a company by the people it keeps, and everyone I have met from his organisation are cut from the same cloth. His authenticity that shines through and makes you want to listen to him. You can't help but like him and he is able to walk you through his struggles and make you feel like you've known him through it all. He deserves all the success he gets and I am really looking forward to working more closely with his organisation. Recommended!


Andy Workman

Mindset Specialist 

 International Speaker, Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Broadcaster on Wellbeing Radio

It is with no flippancy that I say that Darren is truly inspirational. His story describing his route to his current success is fabulous and should be (must be) heard by aspiring or even existing entrepreneurs. His presentation is a true reflection of his genuine and warm approach to his work and will have you on the edge of your seat with "what happened then?" I highly recommend him both as a speaker and as a genuine businessman


Phyllis munyi


Co- Founder

Dyslexia Kenya Organisation 

Thank you 

We were humbled to host you 

A strong bond was created that is going to last an eternity. It was exciting that you jumped into a plane used your resources, not once but twice and even organised a fundraiser on our behalf. We appreciate your support and the faith you have in us and the good words.

You are now one of us.


Jason Rogers

Kinch Fuels 

I have watched Darren grow his stand alone domestic cleaning business into a group of four diverse businesses. One of the many attributes Darren has is his hard working, and determination to succeed ethos and attitude. So when Darren told me he wanted to explore one of his passions which were to help, and mentor small business owners, I was more than happy to take Darren up, and explore this option within my own business. We sat down together and discussed a 3 session program of 2 hours each with a structure to cover the topics I required help or advice on, both business wise, and in my own personal development. I can honestly say I found the sessions of great help to my business, and me personally in my desires and goals I had for the future. In fact, it was through Darren’s honest, none - judgemental, advice and his experience on success and failures in in own business that brought me to the place that I am today, in realising that I had to make some significant changes if I were to survive both in business financially and in myself mentally!. I would highly recommend Darren to anyone, who might be just stuck in a rut, struggling to see the way forward, or just needs that `Kick up the backside’ to take their businesses forward! He’s passionate, dedicated, and has an incredible listening ear, as well as a massive amount of passion and energy. As NASA once said and what I believe Darren strives towards = “Failure is not an option!”  


Phill hill

Virtual & physical escape rooms

Darren is a truly inspirational guy. He is a great speaker, hostssome of the best networking sessions and the charity work thathe has been involved in recently is exceptional. If you'reinterested in overcoming adversity to be successful, then look nofurther.