Student Package for Years 9 through to Postgraduate


Being a dyslexic student, or a student with any form of learning difference can be challenging in so many ways. Its not just about finding the best way of learning, or using assisted tech, its also about understanding our behaviours. Having an SpLD within an academic setting can make regulating behaviours all the more stressful, from concentration, to noise adjustment to hyper-focus to name just a few. So, understanding more about how our learning difference affects us, and how we can best try and effectively manage them to assist in our learning is imperative for all students. 


Darren offers great student packages, from general talks to group/individual mentoring, he is highly skilled at supporting students through stressful periods and enabling them through this support and motivation to achieve their goals. This support will not only help getting them through their daily tasks, but will enable them to progress through work-life with the practical and assistive skills Darren teaches them. These packages can be delivered via academic institutions or through parent/guardians wishing for some further support for their child.


Please contact Darren for further information on packages available.


(Please note that all packages can be carried out online during Covid)