Two years as an Ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association

Two years ago today I was given the wonderful opportunity to become an ambassador for the BDA

BDA Ambassadorship is an honorary title given to individuals who have, often through extensive work of a voluntary nature, raised awareness of dyslexia.

It’s taken me on an incredible journey

🔹 Attending the houses of parliament several times at the All party parliament meetings

🔹 Carrying out training for the BDA team

🔹 Attending lots of conferences and hearing from incredible professionals and educators

🔹 Attending Gala Awards evenings and sponsoring events.

🔹 Representing the BDA over in Africa on their day time TV

( Oh and a cheeky selfy with Anthea Turner )

To be honest the list could go on and on however, it’s been an incredible two years working alongside the BDA and I look forward to working with them even more over the years.

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