One to One Coaching - 8 week course 


This course is broken into an initial 2 hour session followed by 6x1 hour sessions (to be determined when by yourself and Darren). The first 2 hour session will be dedicated to understanding your needs, what you need specific assistance on and working on a series of techniques to help in your everyday life. This session will enable Darren to put together your unique coaching plan, detailing your following sessions. This can be anything from issues within your personal life, to starting and growing your own business.


These sessions will fully equip you to not only manage your learning difference in everyday situations but to harness your strengths and build them into your life, and work for all round success. You will also be given membership to an exclusive support hub, where you will get daily access to tips, motivation and many other resources to boost you when needed. This is the most recommended course as it encompasses every area of your life, so you can gain greater insight and move forward confidently.


Contact Darren now for further information or to book your place.