One Off – 2 Hour – Consultancy Session

Do you have Dyslexia or another SpLD and are struggling to just focus and achieve a specific goal in your personal or work life? This one off session will really help give you tangible help and practical solutions to help you move forward in that area.


Whether you are struggling to communicate effectively with those around you, or you are finding it hard to progress within your job role, this private and dedicated session will determine the root cause and provide you with next steps to push beyond the limitations you are experiencing. A free fifteen minute phone call the following month will help keep you focused on moving forward and help determine if you need any further sessions.


This session can be done over the phone, via zoom or face to face to suit your individual needs. All sessions are completely confidential and carried out at a time and space to suit you.


Please contact Darren for further information or to book your session.

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